Our growing list of satisfied clients from major law firms, attorneys, Fortune 500 companies, large and small companies, major insurance providers and discerning individuals speaks volumes for the results we deliver each and every day.

Endorsement from Jeffrey Urdangen, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University School of Law.

Endorsement from Joshua A. Tepfer, Attorney, Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth.

"Miller and Steeno is a high volume collections law firm serving multiple states.  Kevin McClain and McClain Investigations is our go to company for service of process.  If you are looking for prompt and professional service, go no further."

Ronald C. Miller
Miller and Steeno, P.C.

"The law firm of Burnside, Johnston & Sheafor, PC has worked closely with Kevin W. McClain Investigations for the past ten years.  They are extremely professional and responsive to our needs.  We often ask a lot of them on very short notice and they always deliver.  Their success rate is what truly sets them apart from the competition.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin W. McClain Investigations to anyone."

Cristy Dial
Burnside, Johnston & Sheafor, PC

"Kevin McClain and his team should be hired by anyone who is serious about conducting a complete, timely, and effective investigation. I've had the opportunity to work with Kevin and several of his team members on some of my cases. I've found them to be knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful. No job is too big or too small for Kevin and his team. I've attended several trainings with Kevin, and have found him to be up to date on the latest investigation trends. Kevin also travels the country sharing his knowledge by training and mentoring other investigators. So, if you have a matter where everything is on the line and you need results, go with someone with a proven track record of being able to deliver and hire Kevin McClain."

Shane Beaubien

"Kevin McClain is a highly intelligent and tenacious investigator with many years of experience. He has many connections throughout the industry, which will be an invaluable asset to your legal team. I would recommend him with no reservations to assist in any of your legal needs. His professionalism is unmatched, an he is kind and compassionate."

Alyssa Neitzert

"I have known Kevin for years and am thoroughly acquainted with the good work he does. He has achieved truly remarkable results for his clients. He is an invaluable asset to any legal team and is also one of the leading criminal defense investigators."

Glenn McClister

"Kevin McClain and McClain Investigations are highly professional, prompt and thorough. I recommend him to all my clients for investigations without hesitation. We have worked together on a number of successful cases and McClain Investigations was a major part of our success. Kevin and his staff are always courteous and responsive. Kevin W. McClain Investigations is THE investigative agency in this region, and their dedication to the search for justice, and their professionalism and decency is unparalleled."

John O'Gara

"Kevin McClain is the most ethical and thorough investigator I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I think that anyone who wants to get into the biz would be wise to take his courses before embarking on any investigation. I hope I never personally need investigations services, but should that day ever come, I would absolutely go to Kevin."

Nadia Pflaum

"I have known Kevin McClain for many years, and worked with him on many projects. He is professional, compassionate, diligent, & competent - all you'd want from the ideal investigator. If I needed an investigator, Kevin McClain is the man I'd call."

John Nixon