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Child Custody


Client was concerned about the health, safety and welfare of his son. Client had just recently found out that his ex-wife had a baby after their divorce and the child was his. Client had information that his ex-wife's boyfriend was spending the night on a regular basis. Our investigative team then established the boyfriend was a registered sex offender. Our investigative established around the clock surveillance and was able to document that the boyfriend was spending the night on a regular basis at the ex-wife's home during the times the client's son was present. Our investigation also revealed several official documents and court papers that the ex-wife had misrepresented to the court. The client and attorney were poised for trial when the ex-wives attorney conceded everything our investigation had discovered. The client then agreed to accept a very favorable visitation schedule for his son.


Clients were a couple from out of state that were in the process of adopting a child from an unwed mother. During the course of the pregnancy the unwed mothers family became aware of the mothers decision to give her baby up for adoption and decided to try and fight for custody of the unborn child. Our investigative team did a thorough investigation into the background of the defendants. During the investigation our investigators were able to document numerous areas of concern for the potential environment the child would be exposed to. Our investigation documented numerous male parties with extensive criminal histories occupying the residence of the unwed mother. We were also able to document the conditions of the residence, the lack of any phone lines or communication devices to utilize in the event of an emergency, and the lack of any mode of transportation. The location also appeared to have drug paraphernalia around the premises. The judge in the other state ruled in favor of the adoptive couple. 


Clients were paternal grandparents of the children and were concerned that their ex-daughter-in-law was exposing the children to her boyfriend a known drug user and dealer. The judge had previously admonished the mother about having the children around her boyfriend and that she was endangering her parental rights if she was caught with her boyfriend around the children. Our team of investigators conducted several months of pain staking nights and early mornings of surveillance and was able to document and testify to the factual observations in court proceedings that the ex-daughter in law and boyfriend were observed together. The judge admonished the mother and subsequently terminated her parental rights and awarded custody to the grandparents.